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This is my first stab at a website. I'm still ironing out the kinks, and it's seriously under construction but I hope that you will enjoy it!


Who am I? 30 years in the making and I still can't effectively answer that question. I'm a Cancer, a Moonchild, whatever you want to call it. Just Heather . Woman. Writer. Painter. Poet. Reader. Independent thinker. Fledgling web designer. Scientist. Animal lover. Friend. Musician. Humorist. Critic. And if you honestly believe that any complex being can be summarized so easily, you got another thing coming! Keep coming back, there's sure to be something here that will entertain you...


Are you bored at work too? No time to create your own little website in between meetings, phone calls, smoke breaks, teleconferences, lunch or trips to the bathroom? There are plenty of diversions available to you. Tetris is a good way to focus your attention elsewhere while conferences calls play in the background...

What does Heather like? Many, many things... sunsets. mountains. swedish fish. ben & jerry's. guinness. full moons. comic strips. magic hat beer. road trips. long drives with loud music. playing guitar. singing in the shower. dancing. reading. writing. live music. beaches. painting. sleeping. kayaking. sleeping some more. gerbera daisies. books. playgrounds. bagels. new flannel sheets. stuffed animals. plants. brunch. freshly shaved legs. snowshoeing. water. rainy days. sunglasses. democracy. fireworks. red wine. animals. my friends. late nights. good conversations. pajamas. babies. trees. words. snorkeling. poetry readings. black & white photos. indie films. the sound water makes when it's poured into a testtube. turtles. seinfeld. literacy. libraries. salamanders. swimming. naps. waking up next to someone. picnics. henry rollins. shoes. chapstick. turtleneck sweaters. fresh ink. orange juice. cooking. parties. halloween. travel. art. magazines. camping. romance. late night phone calls. calendars. new notebooks. my cat. laughter. old people holding hands. happy hour. inside jokes. brownies. shopping. dogs. the view from thacher park. oceans. waterfalls. the beatles. bathtubs. creating. blown glass. bobble-head dolls. sticky notes. new year's eve. voting. education. life. hoberman spheres. things that glow in the dark. laffy taffy. tomatoes. clocks. kissing. doing laundry. the feeling of warm sand under your toes. sitting on my deck in the summer. rollerblading. love letters. postcards. art museums. sushi. lists. the smell of clay. oatmeal raisin cookies. the feel of expensive stockings on freshly shaved legs. weddings. old farmhouses. strawberry flavored candy. public displays of affection. reunions. ideas. collaborative art projects. beads. finding money. constellations. musty basements. trampolines. birthday parties. unexpected invitations. waterskiing. clove cigarettes. cosmopolitans. fried potatoes. video games. maps. holding hands. fireworks. silliness. random questions.

Coffee time!

This web space courtesy of my dear pal Jamie.