When we were little and standing outside

Waiting for the bus, chilled to the core

My brother would grab some random name

Of some random boy out of thin air

And write it on a car window while I screamed

Indignantly No I do NOT have a crush on him!


And hed wipe it from the window,

Face aglow with a triumphant smirk.

Now its clear that you love him.


Fast-forward 20 years.

You thought you had a crush on him.

You kissed him in a bar. You let him buy you drinks.

You took him home and lit candles

And listened to music while his

Hands roamed freely and you undressed

Him there in your living room.

Led him slowly to the bedroom.


Frosted glass on the window.

HD hearts Any Guy

Taking refuge under the covers

Two bodies working furiously to defeat the cold

Of any random winter night.

You woke up expecting to wrap yourself around him

But the bed was empty.

Morning sun cleared dew from the window

And the hope from your heart.


Its clear that you love him.

Its clear that you love him.