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I'm a musician, and many of my friends are musicians. They get paid for gigs though. Hmm. I did once play flute for a packed crowd at the Lionheart which reminded me how much I love performing, but I'm still learning guitar. I'm determined to play my guitar for people. I'm classically trained in flute (been playing for almost 20 years now!) and a self-taught clarinetist (is that a word?) but honestly, the Jethro Tull jokes can get a little out of hand. So for my 29th birthday I bought myself a guitar! I know 7 chords now and I've been picking out a few tunes on my own. Probably time to start taking lessons before I learn too many bad habits.


Review - Martin Sexton, Swyer Theater at the Egg, Empire State Plaza, May 31 2003
Wow. Before I comment too much on the actual show, let's have a little background. I saw my first Marty show on November 2, 2002 in New Hampshire. I appreciated the performance, could recognize the talent, but I simply did not get it. I was like ok, this guys seems to rock, so why are all these people sitting here on their hands like we're at a church service or something? It was awful. We'd been drinking before the show (me, Steph, Ben, Molly) and I wanted to boogie, damnit! Then I started to listen to the CDs. Obsessively. And after one very interesting evening running around Albany trying to straighten out some work shit, I went home to listen to a Marty show I had just burned. Ohmygod. The first track was missing so the CD started with Halleluiah and, wow. So then I started listening to nothing but Marty and couldn't wait till NYE in Philly. That show rocked, musically. Just as there were NH moments that I cherish, there were some Philly moments that I'd like to forget. Imagine my delight upon hearing the news that one Martin Sexton was going to be in Albany!!! So Ben and Mol came up for the show, the four us drank a fair amount of tequila and Boone's, and headed to the show...
Excellent performance. Good song selection. Wonderful acoustics. But again, that crowd energy was missing... where were the dancers? Where were the people singing along? Whatever. Steph and I made the best of it and boogied all night long, it was my third Marty show and maybe one of my favorites, although they all have their memorable moments. I wish I'd thought to grab a paper on Sunday so I could see the reviews of the show. Maybe today's Metroland will have something. No matter, I can't wait until my 5th, 10th, 20th Marty show... wow.

So check back here, I think I'll plug my friends and our favorite musicians. Keep an eye on Martin Sexton in particular - woo! (Did I already mention that?) I also seem to have discovered my inner hippie and have fallen in love all over again with Phish. Say what you will, I'm a much more mellow person now than I was when I was stomping around Albany listening to Front 242 and Skinny Puppy.

Oh! Please please please please please... check out the pig online. KPIG is prolly one of the coolest things you can listen to during the workday. Due to some legal bullshit it's no longer free but for $6.95/mo you can listen all day everyday to commercial free radio out of Freedom, CA! I'm still working on the links page where of course you will find Amy Rigby and Alison Krauss but I promised Jim that I'd plug the Pig for him. You can tell who's "in the club" in the Cap Dist because we all have our KPIG stickers on our vehicles!