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Ah, yes, the links. This is where you'll get to take a peek at my "Favorites" - the places I visit when I need to step away for a minute! These are the sites I've bookmarked in the past year or so... but it seems that I'm adding something new almost every day so this could get unwieldy... hopefully there's something to keep you entertained!




I don't know what they've done to the magnetic poetry site. There've been some changes, but it still has entertainment value. Java powered poetry, I'm all about that! - Ben is one nutty kid! Steph and I found him at the Lark Tavern one night many moons ago; he was wearing a shirt that said '' In light of the Ben crisis I was in the middle of at the time, I found it fabulously funny. Check the pictures from March 15, page 3. In spite of what it looks like, I brought Natasha with me to this little party, I did not kidnap her from them!

There are two things you should do every morning - check your horoscope and read the funnies. I, of course, usually forget to do this on a regular basis. Verizon sends me my horoscope every day though so it's okay. Maybe I can get Dilbert sent to my phone as well?

Nervousness - this is a great site, just wonderful for creative people with an abundance of nervous energy. My user name here is velocitygirl so you can see what I'm working on...

Yep, I have tattoos. And some piercings! Find the answers to all your questions at BME - I think they've covered everything you could possibly think of. There is one pic of my second tattoo online... very angry and red looking, as this photo was taken just moments after completion... Next in line will be a dragonfly on my foot, then some more work done on my back.

Redbeard is my hero. He's actually a friend of my brother's whom I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, but he got his backpack to weigh in between 19 and 23 pounds. When I hike the Appalachian Trail he's going to pack for me. He just doesn't know it yet!

A little side project, very much under construction. Steph came up with the brilliant idea to review diners and other goodies (butts, beards, motels, pubs, you name it. Okay, butts and beards were her idea, I'll take credit for the pubs) There are currently no reviews. In fact, the page itself is little more than a template with a picture of a slice of apple pie. I will work on this when I have more time (actual reviews, the guest reviewer sign-up form, etc!).