Holy shit. I'm sitting here on a Friday night/Saturday am, eating popcorn and drinking mountain dew after one of the more tiring weeks I've had lately. It just pisses me off to no end that there are people who repeatedly bring animals into their home after having had previous animals confiscated. Ugh! So anyway........ the tale of why I'm sleep deprived and confused... around 1:30 weds am i got a phone call, puppy in distress (leaving out any and all potentially identifying information)... incredibly sick little guy, surrendered to us, went off to seek medical attention, thinking it would amount to nothing more than getting a stomach pumped... how wrong I was. Pneumonia, foreign bodies in the stomach, brain damage... and little Cosmo was sent out of the world peacefully so he wouldn't have to endure any more suffering... But not before S. and I poured every last penny we had into trying to save his life. Fuck. And after spending all night up with him, I went to work anyway, somehow making it through on a wing and a prayer, and not an insignificant amount of coffee... And going out last night was probably the worst thing I could have done, I don't recover as quickly as I used to from all-nighters.


Still don't know yet if I'm still going to Phish... I mean, I already have the tickets and all, but if I can sell 'em, that $300 would come in real handy to pay my car insurance and utilities... it's not like I won't get to see any music at all on my vacation, I'm going to the VT Festival of the Arts (Marty!) and if this works out right (getting rid of the Phish tix) I could maybe spare the $25 or so it would cost me to catch Martin in Woodstock. Well, we'll see. I'm feeling a little disjointed or disoriented or something here, probably a combination of sleep-deprivation, being in on a Friday night, chatting online and the thrill of sitting here working on my site in the comfort of my apt... time to put on some more Marty though, the CD player worked its way up to Lucy Kaplansky. Which isn't a bad thing, but I was really enjoying listening to a certain Mr. Sexton. Maybe I'll go fetch the 6.20 and 6.21 shows and throw them in the Phish-machine (which is what Steven affectionately named my 60-cd changer) where they'll be added to the heavy rotation. The 6.20 show has a killer version of Station Man! So that's my plan... fiddle w/ the cd player, play guitar for a bit, then settle back in to do some work/planning for National Night Out, time is getting short for that...


Ah, the weekend. Halleluiah!