Well, here comes a three-day weekend. Exhausted, burned out, and ready to do absolutely nothing. It's all in the journey, I suppose... had an incredibly rough day yesterday, and I struggle with knowing when it's okay to acknowledge that..... are things genuinely rough sometimes or are they only rough for me because I lack the coping mechanisms and skills that others seem to have? Whatever. Thursday/Fridays are always weird for me because I don't ever feel that it's right to go out, although there's no reason not to! I have a meeting after work, then Felicity, then I think I'll go get some blank CDs, I just got the 6.20 and 6.21 Marty shows that I want to burn for a couple people and get a package in the mail... a package consisting of a peace offering and a 4 page letter, then I'm going to shrink quietly into oblivion and forget about life for a while... I'm too old to have all these stupid issues always piling up around me and as usual, I create all these messes and dramas for myself and try to blame them on the male species while in reality, I'm the freak with a problem here and clearly not cut out for romance, smooching, cuddling, intimacy or any of that good stuff. Thank God I have a cat who seems to enjoy my company, or at least enjoys having a human around to keep the food dish full and in that capacity, I'm quite excellent.