Guh. I don't know that I've actually been physically reduced to one word syllables and strange mutterings, but my brain seems just about incapable of forming complete thoughts and sentences that can be spit out on a page. So 30 came and went, and it was just perfect - starting with a wonderful cake with Steph and Ri to ring in my b'day on Monday night, the happy hour crew meeting me out at the Bayou last night, dinner and cake with my parents, hanging with Jim, Steph and Ri at the Lark Tav (and my parents finally got to meet my two favorite people in the world!), watching the video of the festivities at my place... a couple stupid somewhat less-than-sober phone calls tossed into the mix, complete with running into Kenny and yet another birthday buddy of ours, and everything was just perfect! I ended up staying up much later than I should have to catch the tale end of Felicity, it was a great episode too, the one where Meghan's spell breaks up Felicity and Noel and Felicity and Ben get together... oh puke, I'm actually writing about this crap?! Ick! Anyway, happy birthday to me. Still haven't figured out this whole road-trip thing, but I am getting pretty excited about going on vacation, no matter what I end up doing. It would be awesome to see Marty in Woodstock; I'm going to be selling merch at the VT Festival of the Arts and the two shows would be just the perfect bookends for my vacation - one Marty show to kick it off, one at the end to get me ready to go back to work, wow. And I'm not so worried about Phish now, I'm confident that things will work out and hopefully in a manner that I find satisfactory. Honestly, the thought of 2 weeks off from work is enough to sustain me. I've got wonderful, thoughtful people in my life and everyone else, well, who gives a rats ass. I'm not even peeved about not hearing from M at all, although it seems strange after he made a point of telling me how he'd picked out my card eons ago. Oh well. It takes too much energy to worry about that shit, when none of it matters anyway.


I have such a headache, all I want to do is go home and go to sleep, but I have so much shit to do tonight, an appointment, some work that I will probably bring home, cleaning the apt... ugh. Plus the rewrites - still haven't sent the epic letter to Benjamin, I'm in the process of refining it and hopefully making it perfect. So much to say, I want to make sure I get it right the first time in case I don't get this opportunity again. And my haircut sucks, btw. That woman cut it in such a fashion that it's impossible for me to style, so I look like a freak!


Thank goodness I have a long weekend coming up. I can't wait to get some rest!