One would think that in nearly 30 years of existence I would have finally figured out when to keep my mouth shut. But... in spite of my initial freakout at the godawful voicemail I left for Ben and his response to it I think I opened the door for further conversation (hopefully) or at least laid the groundwork for the email I was composing late into the hot, sticky night before I finally went to sleep and that I have now spent the better part of an hour proofreading, rewriting and adding to. Sometimes it amazes me how much time I spend thinking, writing, pondering, assuming etc but it's like I always need a project. And I do spend this amount of time on everything, too. Things are either worth my effort or they're not and when they are, I go for it whole-hog.


Well. I don't think I care to say much more about anything at the moment. After working on a four page letter (single spaced, 10 point font) I'm not inclined to write much more, at any rate! I'll save the talking for happy hour!