Friday friday friday friday!!! (6.6.03)


See, I thought I was confused. Then I went to and this was my horoscope for today:

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? If so, what about too little of a bad thing? Could it be that what we really need in our lives, more than any extreme experience, is a bit of balance? Then, er, if it really is a bad thing to have too much of a good thing, thatís a good thing! Because we need the occasional bad thing, donít we? Indeed, we could argue that to have just the right amount of a good thing, is to be too good - and therefore bad! Confused. Good! I mean, bad! I mean, why donít you forget this whole stupid business of good and bad and just go with what your heart is really trying to tell you?

Mm-hmm, I shit you not. And people wonder why I'm so confused all the time? Today's entry is going to be short and sweet, then perhaps I'll work on a little site reorganization. Went to Alive @ 5 last night, I mean honestly, when would I ever have another chance to see the Tempations? And in the rain, no less! I've given up on complaining about the rain anyway, I'm so used to it I could move to London or Seattle and assimilate quite easily I think... At any rate, the arrival of the summertime free concerts also rang in the beginning of the summer time Thursday night drinking season! Where else but my beloved crapitol district can you tie one on in public while listening to incredible music, only to be shooed away by the cops at approximately 8 pm and get home in time to watch some tv or just pass out, all before your regular bedtime? And soon enough there will be Weds night concerts in the Plaza, Monday night concerts in the park, and the plays at the Washington Park playhouse! So you could drink to the point of ridiculousness every night of the week and still get plenty of sleep to arrive at work the next morning bright-eyed and bushy tailed! As long as you remember to drink adequate amounts of H2O. I'm kidding. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? It just leaves you utterly exhausted by the weekend! Speaking of which. Art on Lark is this weekend, and I'll be running the Kid's Chaos (arts and crafts) table/tent/whatever it is from 2:30 on. Fun fun fun! And my lovegod Jamiecake has shipped my computer, so I'll be eagerly awaiting its Thursday afternoon arrival! I'm thinking I'm going to skip happy hour tonight (it's at Mill Rd though, finally!) and stay home, watch Felicity, work on some art and maybe do some cooking. Last night sapped my energy and anyway, I have lots and lots to do, including some writing... and I'll need to be well-rested for these kids tomorrow! So that's that. I'm once again craving both Mexican food and sushi. I love sushi. I also love Mexican food! Man. All I need is for a man to drop out of the sky and take me out for either of those, plus maybe a trip to the theater to see Finding Nemo, and I'll be in heaven! Do I exaggerate? Who knows! I do find it sad, however, that of all the gazillions of movies playing all the time that I have little to no interest in seeing, a Pixar animated thing captures my attention. Whatever. The fucking fish is so cute! And all the toys... they have this awesome huge stuffed turtle from the movie, and I just love turtles...

Okay, ciao. TGIF!