June 5. Thursday. 2003!


Welcome to the beginning of the end of the week. I'm determined to crank out a lot of stuff today, I'm hoping beyond hope that I'll be considered for this director position we have open so I won't always be a peon in this office. I have plenty to do, that's for sure, more than enough to keep me busy. This weekend should be busy too... Art on Lark, if I don't end up going to the Appel Farm Festival in NJ, writing my grad school app, some art projects I'm in the middle of, etc. And phone calls, too... I've had a few moments where I took charge of my life and did what I needed to do in order to have my needs met, I just wish I could keep that up on a more consistent basis. I just worry too much about other people's feelings and forget that it is possible to take other people into consideration while at the same time not allowing myself to get stomped on. Hmm.

I was asked twice yesterday the question "if you had a choice, who would you choose?" I don't feel that I have a choice, per se, I don't really have 2 people vying for my attention. If I did though... (and I was like well if this, if that...) if I had a choice between two people, just as they are right at this moment, knowing what I do about both of them, without being able to change a thing...

Well I'm not going to answer that here, not now. It's a hypothetical question about a situation that doesn't exist.

Today kicks off the Alive at 5 concert series, which means that very soon, summer will be in full swing... let's hope that the rain holds off for a while!