May 29


Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Woke up feeling like complete and utter hell this morning after a day that was, for the most part, okay and an evening of serious rebel rousing. I don't think you're supposed to be still intoxicated at 9 am, at least not during the workweek. Which just reminded me, I'm tardy with the happy hour notice, oops. My horoscope today was just great so I'm going to copy/paste that and call it a day.


"Look at the cover of almost any magazine. What do you see? A model with flawless skin. Do you think this has been achieved through diet and exercise. Absolutely not. It has been done through lighting, make-up and photographic retouching. We all know this but it somehow doesnít stop us from making false comparisons. But maybe one day, the penny will drop. Maybe too, we will realise that all those permanently happy people we see on TV are faking it too. In reality, we all have our ups and downs. Your life may not be perfect now but you are doing brilliantly. Donít forget that."


I think those are good words/thoughts to keep in mind.