May 21


Ugh! Too many computer problems today to deal with! Went for a nice 2 mile walk last night with Steev, we threw a couple little sprints in there and my legs feel great today! Had a nice convo w/ Officers Matt and Loren and were able to flesh out some of the details for tomorrow night's Walk &Watch training so it was incredibly lucky that we ran into them. 24 was killer last night - can't wait for season 3. I think as soon as season 2 comes out on DVD I may have to get a DVD player (and both seasons, of course). Speaking of DVDs......... grrrrrr. Read today in the TU about a development that could render DVDs useless in two days. Disposable media... after all the work that went into creating a format that would last forever? It makes no sense. I guess PCBs weren't enough for GE, let's find ways to create more trash! Yeah, that's the ticket! Of course as soon as I saw the headline about self-destructing disks I immediately thought of Mission Impossible. So I guess as long as there's espionage-enhancing potential here... just kidding. I wonder how well I'm going to fare at tonight's H/PNA meeting... I'm not tired at the moment but I was up sooooooooo early today. And of course the one day I just show up at 8:00 am for no reason other than that I was up and ready, the circuit breaker's all fucked up and my lamp and my computer don't have power. Wheeee! All that after wrestling with my now useless umbrella! I have no luck with umbrellas anyway and today the wind got the best of us, the umbie turning inside out and my skirt blowing up in the air... What a disjointed series of thoughts that was. Well, time to address these computer probs, I guess. And with any luck, I'll be out of here on time so I can have a little dinner before my mtg. There is, of course, the obligatory post-meeting meeting at Justin's, and M's going to meet me there for drinks. I think I'd forgotten somewhere along the line that I was supposed to go to Savannah's tonight, too, so I'll have to figure that one out later!