Monday, May 19


Damnit, I'm having a chapstick crisis today. Apparently don't have any lip-balm whatsoever on me, which is surprising, so I'll have to go out for some in a little while.

Had an interesting little weekend for myself. Didn't really much feel like going out Friday night, in light of all the overtime I'd been working and DS' unsolicited advice on how to make myself more datable/approachable. Didn't realize I was having any particular trouble in that area as of late, but it's nice to know that my friends are concerned with my well-being (inject sarcasm). It's funny though, now that I think about it, how I have all these guy friends that I would never consider dating who keep telling me that I'm the whole package and the guys I would consider dating either just don't get it or are completely uninterested. Whatever. I guess that made it sound like I've got loads of possibilities but that's not the case either. Just one guy I like who seems indifferent most of the time.

Anyway. When I got home Friday I played with Mocha for a little bit, then talked to Jim and Steph on the phone. Wasn't really all that interested in meeting DS and AB at the Bayou, so I agreed to drink Boone's with Steph then hang out with Jim at the Lark Tavern when he got done playing golf. Took a shower, got dressed, then headed to the ghetto Chopper for the Boone's and while I was there some yogurt, cookie dough, Chex Mix and other assorted sundries captured my attention. Steph and I drank on her stoop for a while, then she dropped me off at the Lark Tavern. Some guy who works in my building showed up and chatted for a bit, but all he talked about was skiing. Skiing in British Columbia, heli-skiing, teaching his son to ski, his condo at a ski resort... so that got really boring really quickly. Nothing like tequila to spice up an evening though! One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four... and then some. Met this crazy cool woman Dr. Angela and her husband, she's a poli-sci professor at St. Rose and they're recent transplants from Texas. Dr. A's old college roomie Jennifer mistook me for someone named Christina and proceeded to court me quite heavily all evening, taking the lead when we were swing dancing, plopping me down to sit on her lap and kissing and nibbling my shoulder and neck. !!! Yeah. Not much to say about that, I guess... when I told Maria about it she couldn't figure out why I didn't go home with her but I don't know, maybe it's this fierce sense of loyalty that I have. I like MJM quite a lot and until we figure out what's what (which I have a feeling is nothing at this point) I just wouldn't feel right even entertaining the notion of other people. It's bad enough that people are always asking me where he is... like I don't k now, don't I have enough trouble keeping track of my own schedule? So of course drunk-Heather had to send a text message to find out, and I did, and got a cold-ass vibe along with the response. Sent text msgs to Steph and Maria about the girl thing but it went to my entire list so M's probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me. So that's that, I suppose... Too Hip was awesome, more tequila was consumed, and I was getting ready to pack it in when M's friend Brian showed up, turns out he's a painter and quite a conversationalist so I had to stay and drink more, naturally. Brian's like a cross between Jim Carroll and Egon. We eventually left, headed to my house, picked up my hippie neighbor Gabe on the way and drank more beer,[censored] and talked about literature and politics until the wee hours of the morning when I kicked everyone out!

Woke up fairly early Saturday, around 11:30 actually, took a shower and went to the Daily Grind. Was going to meet Steph for laundry but then I felt this need to be alone and clear my head so I decided to take a drive instead. I had so many thoughts floating around, wondering what made me so suddenly attractive to the cute lesbian, whether or not Brian was full of shit or genuinely complimenting me and of course the M-induced confusion and frustration. I was originally going to go to Woodstock but I went to Thacher Park instead, sat on the wall there and enjoyed the view of Albany while thinking, thinking, thinking... got some plants at Olsen's and called Jim and JoAnn about the possibility of cooking out... we thought that was a fine idea at first but neither of them wanted to clean their grill so we agreed to go out to eat instead and meet up at the Niska-Day fireworks. We lost JoAnn along the way and never did catch up to her, so Jim and I went to the Fireside Tavern for some pizza, beer and QuickDraw after we stopped at the Mobil so he could get cigarettes... I saw this little stuffed monkey for a dollar and it made me think of M so I grabbed one. The fireworks were great, and there were some funny sperm-like ones that cracked us up. I stopped at Border's on my way home to pickup Bonfire of the Vanities but it turned out not to be the book I thought it was (I somehow, and this is embarrassing, confused that movie with Joe vs. the Volcano which is what I wanted, I think). Thought about buying Look Homeward, Angel instead but in the end decided to add it to my Amazon wishlist with all the other books that I crave. Of course there was a moment of panic when Delilah wouldn't start again after I stopped home to plant my flowers, but that was resolved rather quickly with the addition of a quart of oil. I guess either M didn't get that I wanted to hang out on Saturday or he was completely uninterested because I didn't hear from him all weekend. Oh well! Sunday turned out to be fairly low key. Got up, made some breakfast, took a bath and bumped into Steph at the laundromat, and we made plans to meet later for a picnic so I got some supplies at Price Chopper after picking up my baby-proofing pills. Made a huge pasta salad w/ carrots, broccoli and vegan "blue-cheese" crumbles and I decided to make a concerted effort the next couple of weeks to eat my 5 fruits and veggies a day... and also get more exercise. I want to look back on this year's b'day photos and think "wow! I looked great at 30!" We'll see. I'm pretty sure that not having a husband and/or kids is what keeps me looking young... just kidding. I guess I don't have a biological clock because I don't hear any ticking...

Overall I would rate the weekend as fairly productive. Hung out with my friends, planted flowers, worked on my book and did a fair amount of knitting. Yay me.