May 15, 2003


Delilah's home!!!!!!!!!!!! My precious precious car is now safe and sound in her garage again, yay!

Woke up this morning with a splitting headache, like literally, felt like someone was slicing my brain in two with a hot knife or a sheet of tin or something... ick. Lay there in agony for quite some time before extracting myself from the covers, took some medicine and a giant glass of water and sat on the couch for a while focusing all of my energy on not puking. I was afraid for a while that I would end up getting a migraine but the onset of those has been so interesting lately that I would have known right away... flashing lights, numbness in my face and arms, the doc thinks it's time for me to see a neurologist again but it's been months since I got a really bad one... Phooee. I finally got in the shower and by the time I was ready to leave I was feeling much better (which is too bad, it looks like it's going to be a really nice day out there).

So, back to Delilah... Had to work late last night, so I met Jim at Savannah's (he had agreed to chauffeur me to Pep Boys) where we had a couple cocktails and listened to a great band. Live music is my weakness, I just can't get enough of it. Then we stopped by my house quick to thaw out a little pizza and we were on our way! The guys at Pep Boys were incredibly funny, I asked them where the incentive was to pay for the repairs since they had left my car in the middle of the lot with the doors unlocked. At any rate, I was approved for the PB credit card so I was able to get the hell out of there pretty quickly (and can now get some more work done this summer that I so desperately need) and celebrate! Dinner and wine at Carmine's Table was interesting - the bartender was an asshole, the location sucks, but the overall experience was great, and I saw my friend Jonathan working there. The food was deceptively filling, too! After dinner I went over to Hannaford for some tortilla chips and apparently discovered some sort of personal hygiene crisis while I was there, because I left w/ cotton balls, razor blades, toothpaste, mouthwash and a new toothbrush. Oh yeah, and the tortilla chips. They were all out of round, which make superior nachos, so I had to settle for the triangular ones. I was so happy to be mobile again that I cranked up the tunes when I got home and danced for a while like a total goofball, then hopped in bed. I saw the most obscenely huge clam on Letterman last night! Some idiot had some bass pumping that threatened to disturb my sleep, but I passed out before I had a chance to do anything about it, and woke up this morning with a splitting headache...

Well, it's about time to compose the happy hour announcement... have to check the weather to see whether or not Mill Rd. is a viable option for tomorrow night. We have a new member so I'll have to write something extra special! And of course anyone is welcome at anytime to sign up for the list (a future project here will include an online request form that will automatically add people to the list) so......... if you're reading this and want to recieve a weekly announcement telling you where the happy hour workgroup will be congregating, send an email to the Happy Hour Mistress! Then the workgroup will meet, review your credentials, come up with an appropriate initiation ritual... just kidding. The only thing we do is get together and drink! Well, drink and partake in other assorted nonsense as we see fit. And with that, the work week is coming to a close and the blessed, blessed weekend will be upon us! Now that I have my wheels again, might be a nice weekend for a perfunctory drive to Woodstock or maybe the Magic Hat brewery... or kayaking! Wheeeee!