May 14, 2003


Finding myself completely distracted at the moment, in the middle of half a dozen conversations and some tinkering on the work website... Anyway. Went off to the NRC awards thing last night, four of us piled into a Subaru wagon looking pretty snazzy. Our fabulous beat cops, the mayor, lots of people there to congratulate us for our efforts to improve community safety! Got home feeling pretty deflated though, spent some time tidying and putting away all the suits I'd gotten out of the closet while trying to figure out what to wear. Talked to my brother on the phone (he just got back from Ireland!) while I washed the dishes then Brent called, said he was going to bring a dog over to see me! Brent dogsits for his boss, and she has two wonderful girls - Bella, a greyhound, and Arial the golden retriever. Bella doesn't get around very well these days so Arial came over and she's HUGE! What a great dog though, I guess I really do kind of miss being a dog-mom but I'm going to take my time before I bring another mutt into the house.

I got up ridiculously early this morning, I probably could have been to work by 7:30 or so. Scary, huh? Made a bagel and a giant pot of coffee, then settled down to listen to some Marty, play the guitar and just hang out. Flipped through Cosmo too, my God that magazine is ridiculous! This month they have 99 tips for driving men wild in bed and I'm sorry, but if anyone ever suggests anything to me that involves a glazed donut, I'll have to pass. Took a nice long shower, shaved the legs, got ready and left for work with enough time for a pleasant stroll rather than the half-run half-walk that gets me here most mornings. Of course with that much time on my hands I had plenty of time to think - about work, life, concerts in the plaza, trying to shake the self-doubt that constantly plagues me, school, fixing my bike, all kinds of things. The funniest thing happened, too, as I was approaching the office... I was in the crosswalk, waiting to cross Elk St. and after four or five cars passed, it was my turn... so this woman decided she needed to go flying around the corner for some reason, like to prove that pedestrians have no rights in my fair city? Her car stalled!!! Talk about perfect timing... so I looked over my shoulder at her and flashed her my most winning smile and figured it was going to be a pretty good day. Delilah's ready to come home from Pep Boys so I just need to go get her at some point either today or tomorrow...

On another note. If there's anything I hate more than censorship I don't know what it is. But I do recognize the need for tact and things, so I'm heeding the advice of one of my former colleagues... and while I think that this page might lose its intimate feel, I respect people's privacy and won't mention any names unless I have permission to do so. I think I said that somewhere already, if you scroll up a bit. I wonder how I can tell my stories w/o mentioning the characters involved but you know what? I'll use this as an opportunity to come up with a creative solution. Or I'll eventually realize that I should spend more time writing at home and that having my own site is probably nothing more than some self-serving need to see my thoughts in print. I don't know, I mean it is still in development.

Damn. The only thing that drinking six cups of coffee before leaving for work means is that I'm bound to crash hard around lunchtime. That's okay, I have nothing planned for after work other than mopping the floors and maybe a little dusting. The closet problem is almost under control and I'm going to try to rearrange some things in my office either today or tomorrow. Hopefully before summer is fully under way I'll have my office at the point where I can actually use it to study, pay bills, paint or whatever. There's a loft bed at Ikea that I want to get for the office too so I'll have guest quarters for Maria or Brian & Ellon when they come to visit. I'm sure the couch isn't all that comfy and let's face it, I may have a big bed but only very special people get to share that!

One more thing... The world's largest burrito was made on this date in 1991! Just heard that on KPIG, I didn't get the rest of the details though. That musta been one big tortilla!