May 13, 2003


Okay, I swear I'm not going to do this every day, it just gets too time consuming. Last night was fun, Steph and I went to Kurver Kreme for ice cream after work and Brent popped over while I was cleaning and bagging up the trash to take out. We ended up making bagels, a giant pot of spaghetti and watching tv - all this while talking to Steven on the phone and checking out all the perfume samples in my latest issue of Cosmo! I asked Brent if the advice they give to women for turning on your man works in man/man relationships too - I don't think I ever got a straight answer out of him! Oh well. Cosmo is good for the entertainment value. At some point I will have to write about the development of my alter ego, "Cosmo-Heather." It's rare that life presents with you with a straight-out-of-a-magazine moment but when it does you need to be prepared! Or at least able to imagine "if I lived my life like one of these girls..." Anyway. I of course fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up around 5 this morning, just in time to run out with the trash before they collected it on my street, and stayed up doing a little cleaning and dishwashing. At one point it occurred to me to stay up but honestly, I don't know what people do at that hour. I don't have kids to get dressed and out the door, no dog to walk at the moment, I don't read the paper regularly and I can't stomach coffee or food at that hour so Dunkin' Donuts was out. So I eventually gave up and crawled into bed, finally waking up again at 8:30. Oops. So here I am. Just finished a mug of coffee and I'm good to go. Tonight I'm getting an award, so I guess I should be excited. A little over a year ago a bunch of us started Neighbors for Safety and now we're being presented with the Neighborhood Resource Commission's Outstanding Community Group award! It should be a nice little event, I get to dress up and hopefully there'll be a little dinner of some sort. I think at some point this week I'm going to focus on cleaning up my resume and see what's out there, maybe find myself a part-time job for summer, too. It's starting to look like I'm going to need all the money I can get my hands on to pay for Delilah's latest round of repairs. Owning a car isn't cheap! I need to figure out this e-commerce thing, maybe include a link to my paypal account (if only 600 people donate a dollar each I'll be all set!) or start selling some scarves or something. Is there any demand for hand-knit scarves in May? They make great gifts!